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Team Culture Assessment

Identify your company culture and values

Understand your team’s natural strengths and your team values with employee well-being and privacy in mind.
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A company culture survey for remote teams and hybrid teams

Culture type

Team values

The values and actions of your team and leadership are the most important part of company culture. Your team's values, personalities and work behaviors ultimately determine your culture.

Culture type

We know how to measure and determine your type of organizational culture. Understand what determines your company culture using our science-based tools. Use Gyfted to define the core values of your team and culture fit candidates.
Invite your team

Managers, build high performance teams

Driving culture change and building a positive team culture that yields results are lofty goals that require an understanding of what determines company culture, individual and team values and behavioral traits. Good managers realize the importance of organizational culture, especially in emerging workplaces that are embracing remote work.
Measure what matters for your team and understand your team culture
Help your team members understand themselves
Maintain privacy and anonymity for employees regarding their individual results
Focus on diversity of backgrounds, personalities and abilities to drive performance

Discover your team using one link. That's it.

Invite team members to take assessments, and understand your team’s joint strengths. Use one link to invite your team to take an assessment that will enlighten you on what your team is like, help each of your team's members understand themselves better, and spearhead you company's culture growth process. No set up. Easy onboarding. Just one link to save you time in team building.

What does team assessment tool measure?

The tests covered are the company culture assessment, inspired by Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, the work values assessment, inspired by O*Net's methodology, as well as a communication styles, motivational test, and personality assessment in the full test package. These core factors below drive behavior and describe how your employees perceive your team and company. They're a great framework for understanding your team's culture. Below we describe in a nutshell how to measure company culture using Gyfted's team assessment tool.
The work values assessment dimensions measured include the following: Achievement, Independence, Recognition, Relationships, Support, Working conditions.

Discover your organization culture

The dimensions of the company culture assessment

Organizational effectiveness describes a focus on means-oriented (""how"") or goals-oriented (""what"") methods of operating.
Customer orientation describes the drive towards internal vs external customer orientation.
Control level describes the level of control ie. easy-going vs process-focused organization.
Collectivism describes the drive towards team-oriented or competition-oriented work approaches.
Approachability describes a relatively more open or closed culture style.
Management philosophy philosophy describes the drive towards a people-oriented or targets-oriented culture.

The process of assessing the team culture

Assessment takers get two or more assessments to fill out through one unique link you share with them. In these tests, users are asked to select statements or words that are most like them in terms of their behaviors or approaches.
Managers and employees are asked about the company’s culture
In the full test package, employees are asked to describe themselves (their styles, attitudes and behaviors)
After each assessment, individuals get feedback that helps them understand themselves — they get a snapshot of how they think, act and their values
Individuals also get to see the team's results
You as the manager - and the company - cannot see individual employees' results, so that everyone's privacy is maintained and people feel at ease, to give you a better snapshot of the team as a whole
Your team members’ individual results are not visible to you in order for you to take 1:1s offline

We’re turning the tables to change how job search and recruiting work

We think recruitment is broken. No one should spend days or weeks sweating over CVs, useless cover letters, and then endure hours of exhausting interviews with no guarantee of success. This is why we want candidates to apply once and get matched to teams. At the same time we're providing you as managers the screening toolkit to measure your direct applicants and team culture, in order to make hiring for culture fit and hiring for diversity effective and data-driven.

Leverage psychometrics to build teams that perform

A tool for managers to build high-performing teams that drive your company's culture growth. As culture is not only about top-down behaviors but team values, it means that who your hire and fire determines your company culture. To know it you have to 'look under the hood' and the most data-driven, empirically proven way to do it and measure culture is through the use of psychometrics. We catalyze this using machine learning in psychometrics, and by deploying online assessment tools for recruitment on top of your team culture assessments, in order to help you build and develop your team.

Frequently asked questions

What is company culture?

Learn about company culture and leadership, as well as its importance, by reading our blog post on the meaning of company culture and what makes a good organizational culture here: "What is culture fit"

What types of organizational cultures are there?

There are different types of organizational culture, as well as typologies and methodologies for measuring company culture characteristics. Gyfted's company culture tools depend on our cultural assessment package, which measures dimensions like organizational effectiveness, customer orientation, control level, team focus, approachability, management philosophy, and teamwork style, as well as on measuring the following teamvalues: achievement, independence, recognition, relationships, support, and focus on work conditions. Use Gyfted's instrumentation to measure organizational culture in order to build a strong team culture at managerial and team level.

Why should culture fit matter to managers?

If you're a manager wondering why is team culture important then think about the glue that binds people together outside of pure salary and making money to live. Everyone has different motivations, interests, values and working styles that determine how the behave, communicate and cooperate (or not!). If you're a manager thinking about what makes a good organizational culture then you've probably heard that ""culture eats strategy for breakfast,"" because it is the glue that defines how groups cooperate and perform. It is the leadership's and the manager's role to define culture through actions, which can be contributing or detrimental to building high-performance teams. Research shows that culture is a key determinant of team performance and company results, including the performance of non-business organizations (NGOs, governments, sports teams, universities and nations). If you want to be a great manager, read and learn about culture!

Is Gyfted's company culture assessment free?

Yes in the basic core team assessment tool version. In order to measure more of your company's culture characteristics and discover ways to improve team culture buy out the full subscription. In it we measure employee personality, motivations and communications styles, as well as skills, in order for everyone to get deeper insights into the team's unifying strengths and weaknesses, and to drive performance.