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Personality CV®

Display your culture fit and make your CV stand out

We help you make the best CV with a new standard. Our Personality CV lets you credibly highlight your soft skills and strengths
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Create a unique free online CV

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Professional CV format

Leverage our CV ideas across sections that highlight your unique culture fit and skills fit.

Show that you're unique

Leverage assessments to create the best CV layout, personalize it by highlighting your personality strengths in your CV.

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Create your CV online for free using our personal CV template and download it for free.
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How you can use this CV builder

Make your CV in ways that no other free CV builder makes possible, to help you stand out in your job application and show your career highlights and key strengths easily. Use Gyfted's Personality CV maker as a:
Personal statement generator
Describe yourself and what you’re seeking in a clear, informative way.
Certified soft skills CV maker
Display your intangibles and character strengths credibly by leveraging our certified tests.
Personal profile template
Display your personal profile better than any other CV creator tool on the web.

How it works - the feedback you get

Personal details

Fill out your personal details for the resume: your contact details, skills, languages you speak, education background, your profile, personal statement, projects and portfolio, work experience, as well as certified courses and bootcamps you might've completed.
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Personality traits

Highlight your personality through a clear description to recruiters, so they don't have to make you take any personality assessments. Take the Big Five personality assessment to build out your CV personal profile.
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Personal strengths

Let hiring managers know what your top personal strengths and personal attributes are in a certified way on a CV. Take our work culture assessment to find out your key strengths.
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Communication style

Test your communication skills to discover and describe what your communication style is like, which matters especially in collaborative, team settings. Our communication styles assessment will help you understand yourself and how you communicate, and is of value to teams and colleagues, as well as friends.
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Your motivations are of major value in highlighting how you fit for a role and career category, and it matters above all to you -- you don't want to enter a role or career that doesn't motivate you. Take our motivators assessment to describe the things that motivate you and make you passionate.
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Company culture

What you're seeking from a company culture will help you avoid joining teams and organizations that might be at direct odds with what makes you excel. We all perform better or worse in various kinds of environments, for example, hierarchical and structured, or flat and open organizational cultures. The organizational culture you join can enable your high performance, or hinder it, so it's crucial to know and signal this.
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Work values

You can flesh out the values that are meaningful to you for ensuring you can work with leaders and teams that share at least some of your values. You will clearly show what is important to you in a job, because you want to feel comfortable at work. Take our work values test, which is based on the O*NET methodology, and signal what matters to you at work.
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Personal details

Begin to build your Personality CV

Build a perfect personal statement for your CV

If you're looking for a personal statement creator or a personal statement layout template then you've come to the right place. Gyfted is setting a new standard for CV builders by enabling you to write a unique personal summary through a creative personal profile that highlights your unique traits, strengths, values and soft skills.

How to make your job application better

Your skills, motivations, values, strengths and team culture preferences matter. Making your CV better involves not only filling in your personal details and a neat profile summary in your CV, but also providing a personality description that is informative and attractive to recruiters.
Create your account and click on "Personality CV"
Go through our assessments and discover yourself via feedback
Fill in your personal details
Download your CV and share your link to it
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Take assessments to discover yourself, your strengths and soft skills

A good skills summary that includes personal skills and personal traits for your CV will help you stand out in the crowd. We do the heavy work for you in figuring out how to describe your personality in a CV.
As a student, fresh graduate, junior or career changer you have less work history to highlight. Focusing on highlighting your personal profile, personal statement and/or personal summary on your CV will help you out.
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Describe your soft skills credibly by certifying your soft skills and character traits using assessments

Our unique builder provides you the ability to display your soft skills in the form of certified skills for free to support you in your job search. You can also add your role-specific certifications like software programming, sales, marketing, IT customer support, analyst, salesforce, hubspot and google certifications.
Putting skills and certifications on your CV is valued by recruiters. The traits that are shown on your CV are the results of assessments that you complete - validated, psychometric personality, ability, preference and motivational tests that recruiters usually pay hundreds of dollars for you to take.

We know what employers look for in junior candidates and career changers and what makes a CV stand out.

Value of a Personality CV®

With no experience required, recruiters look for abilities, potential, hidden talent, motivation and the best managers and top companies look for culture fit. Your personality is important in highlighting this all to hiring managers and graduate recruiters. The unique personal qualities you display in your CV used to cost hard money and careers service advisers, where they spent as much as $50 per test. You get this for free.
Another major benefit of using this CV maker is that at the same time as you complete assessments, the results of these assessments are used to help you get matched to jobs in tech that fit you. It's a combo benefit. We provide CV personal profile help using state of the art psychometric tools to improve your CV and make you more hireable for culture fit. Making your CV professional begins with Gyfted.

Personality CV® and Personality Resume® are registered trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

With no experience required, recruiters look for abilities, potential, hidden talent, motivation and culture fit.

The Personal CV for all personalities and jobs

Junior web developer CV after a bootcamp

Highlight more than just your certificates and hard skills to stand out among bootcamp graduates. Use this CV template if you're finishing or done with your bootcamp and seeking a developer job in IT.

CV for career changers

As a career changer you have experiences and achievements that have built out your attitude, soft skills and character. Highlight those using our Personality CV.

Internship CV with no experience

It's an issue when you begin your career - what to highlight when you have no experience. You are yourself and that's what employers want besides your basic skills. Highlight your unique motivations and traits using our CV builder.

Software engineer CV post-coding bootcamp

Looking for a career in IT as a coder, software programmer, software engineer and want to highlight your qualities that go beyond hard programming skills? Our CV builder enables you to highlight precisely that.

UX/UI Designer CV

Graphic designers, UX and UI designers, as well as aspiring product designers use our beautiful CV template to flesh out information about their unique traits and creativity to recruiters.

Data analyst CV for fresh graduates

Aspiring to be a data analyst or a data scientist? Use our CV to highlight your domain specializations, areas of interest and soft strengths.

Marketing CV template

A perfect CV for aspiring growth and digital marketers, social media managers, product marketers and brand specialists is here for you. Use our template to design a great CV.

Sales CV personal statement

As a sales development rep you should highlight your grit and stamina that will make you a strong SDR candidate for sales leaders. Our CV builder is tailored best for jobs where soft skills and attitudes are key.

Customer success CV personal profile

Working with people requires soft skills above all. Highlight your work and communication style, as well as unique personality traits, that make you a great candidate for jobs in customer success, customer support, and customer service.

Begin to build your Personal CV

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We’re turning the tables to change how job search works for job-seekers

We think recruitment is broken. We’re using online assessment tools for screening and leveraging machine learning in the recruitment process to give power back to you - build your CV effortlessly and use the data from this process to get matched to jobs through a common application.

Psychometrics & Cognitive science

Occupational psychology deals with what's called personnel selection and talent development, while psychometrics is the science of measuring human personality, behaviors, attitudes, abilities and preferences. These are sciences largely developed in practice in academia, the military and large companies.

Our assessments are unbiased, reliable and flexible. We use personality psychometrics, cognitive science, machine learning and psychometric tools for recruitment to help you create a CV that'll work for you in front of recruiters, that'll work with ATS' and application systems.

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Universities, edtech and tech companies we stem from:

Frequently asked questions

What is a personal CV?

Our personal CV highlights your unique profile, personality traits, soft skills, work values, personal strengths, culture fit preferences that will make you happy at work. It is designed so as to let you improve your CV with little effort, with fun, and valuable feedback. A personalized CV with a list of personal skills and qualities will help you stand out through valuable content that top graduate recruiters highly value.

How to write a personal CV?

If you're wondering how to make a personal CV using Gyfted's solution - it's super simple. We hand-hold and guide you every step of the way, while automating the assessment feedback that you use in the CV. You're basically filling out and writing in a CV template that we provide for you. Create your account, take tests, fill out your personal information and then share and download your CV!

How to make a CV stand out?

Making your CV stand out, especially when you're young and without experience, would be easy if you knew how to describe yourself in a CV. This is very hard in fact, regardless of experience, and it's a field of work of occupational psychologists and recruiters above all. Understanding yourself is the first step in doing this effectively ie. in a convincing way. Wrinting a CV thus is much easier with the use of our CV helper -- Gyfted's Personality CV builder.

Is Gyfted’s online CV creator free?

Yes! Gyfted's online CV creator is a free help tool. Use our templated CV to create a personal CV PDF that you can download and use freely in your job search. You can at the same time - for free - create your own, unique personal CV website that you can share easily as a URL link with employers, friends, colleagues and recruiters.

How do recruiters find the best candidates?

Recruiters use various tools and web services to find candidates. The most obvious and popular one is LinkedIn. For developers and data scientists recruiters often check out GitHub, StackOverflow, and Kaggle. For designers Dribbble and Behance are the go-to websites. There's scores of others, but none really differentiate themselves in any meaningful way, because all the information is based on work and education history data. What makes a good CV then are the unique strengths, motivations and things that make each one of us "gyfted". Descibing your culture fit and personality in a CV can make a huge difference, especially with managers and recruiters that understand the value and meaning of "fit" in their organization. And this is a trait of the top team leaders and talent acquisition recruiters.

What is a personal statement on a CV?

A personal statement for a CV describes your career intent, who you are and why you're a good choice and fit. If you make your personal statement personable, it will help you get attention and get your foot in the door more often during your job search. You can highlight a lot in a summary paragraph, a personal overview, or a personal profile section of your CV, but your can and should treat your entire CV like a personal statement.

What is culture fit?

A company's culture, a team's culture, can make you feel aligned, welcome and inclusive. Or not. Every company has its own culture, which reflects its mission, values and how it operates. The everyday norms, behaviors, values and actions of employees and leadership especially at a company determine the company’s goals or mission.The best companies look for candidates whose individual values, attitude, mindset, and behaviors are aligned to at least some extent with those of the company. For example, two such popular modern values are diversity and inclusion, and others can include authenticity, customer passion, or transparency. To learn more about culture fit, read our blogpost
"What is culture fit"

What to include in a CV?

A CV should include a personal statement, skills, personal achievements, a professional profile, brief overview of work experiences you have, accomplishments, as well as special skills and qualifications. You should check out this page above as it describes well what is included in our Personal CV maker.