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Candidate screening software

Save time recruiting & hire for culture fit

Identify top applicants easily. Comprehensive and free cultural, personality and ability assessments that save you time. Discover hidden talent using applicant screening tools tailored for startups, remote, and culture-first teams.
Candidate screening

Used by teams inside growth startups and brands in the US & Europe

Talent assessment platform

Gyfted’s tests are adaptive with a feedback-driven, fun candidate experience. Our test platform saves you time on selection and interviews, and augments resume and CV screening with data-driven insights.
Screen easily and quickly

Optimized recruitment

Use data insights about candidates to make better recruitment and selection decisions from the top of your hiring funnel.

Candidate database

Save time and resources recruiting for sales, customer success, recruiter, developer, data analyst, junior, graduate and startup roles.

Screen easily and quickly

The first seamless talent assessment platform for screening applicants easily using one link. Get a stack-ranked list of applicants upfront. We make the screening process simple for candidates, recruiters and managers.

Improve your hiring process

Get your time back by automating screening
Run fewer screening interviews
Make better recruitment decisions
Hire for candidate culture fit and role fit
Get fewer mishires and lower your turnover
Identify hidden talent and potential in your pipeline

Automated candidate screening

Use Gyfted’s talent assessment software to optimize your recruitment process while improving your candidate experience. Improve your hiring strategy and applicant selection with bias free assessments. We provide startup and enterprise recruitment software.

Features of Gyfted’s screening software

Talent screening

Talent screening must involve personality screening. This is because personality determines our preferences and behaviors. Research shows that people self-select over time into certain occupations depending on their personality, and certain personalities “fit” certain types of roles better. This matters for startups and large organizations alike.

Cognitive ability measures

We test for cognitive ability and/or basic data analytics ability in order to help you get motivated, high potential applicants.

Culture fit assessments

Candidate culture fit assessments based on shared values and preferences can help you figure out who could be a great fit for your team and organization. You can easily evaluate job candidates to identify who to hire more easily using Gyfted.

Powerful applicants filters

Filter your applicants by skills, past industries, salary, location. Sort applicants by culture fit specific to your needs, overall fit relevant to the role and to your needs.

Objective candidate ranking and selection

Assess candidates anywhere in your hiring funnel. We enable you to see a stacked-ranking of candidates powered by powerful filters and search. Our system learns your preferences when you create your role and when you select applicants, so you can make better hiring decisions.

Team culture measures

Measure your team culture to get insights into who to hire from a culture fit and culture add point of view. Because we all perform differently in various environments, hiring skills first can fail. The organizational culture you’re hiring for culture fit and diversity at the same time, in order to drive performance, as well as well-being.

ATS Integrations

Applicant tracking software helps you manage your recruitment chaos. We integrated with your ATS to ease your life and serve full applicant reports. We provide standard ATS integrations with these common applicant tracking systems - Lever, Greenhouse, Ashby and TeamTailor at the moment. For other ones - just ask us.
Talent screening

Evaluate talent for different kinds of roles

Our software automatically learns your preferences and shows you candidates that fit you regardless of the role in tech or services your’re hiring for.

Data scientists

Data analysts, business data analysts, data scientists, ML engineers.

Software engineers

Junior and mid software engineers, front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, javascript developers, python developers.

Customer success

Customer success managers (CSMs), account managers, customer support reps, customer operations.


Marketing managers, growth marketers, growth hackers, social media managers, marketing analysts.


Recruiters, IT recruiters, Recruiting & Talent business partners, recruitment coordinators, sourcers, talent partners.

Sales reps

Sales development representatives (SDRs), business development representatives (BDRs), account executives, inside sales reps, sales ninjas.

How Gyfted’s applicant screening process works

Gyfted combines cultural fit assessments with candidate soft skills and ability testing to give you the best solution to hire for culture fit and for potential.
You create a role that you want to hire for by giving us just the basics that matter, and your character plus culture fit preferences in a short assessment designed for hiring managers.
Upon creating the role you get a unique link. Assessment takers get two or more assessments to fill out through one unique link that you share with them.
Users are asked to select behaviors and preference statements that are most like them. Statements and words are associated with personality traits, values and dimensions relevant for workplace behavior.
Ability or data analytics tests (if included) help us determine the overall fit of applicants. In order to protect candidate privacy we do not show the results of these specific tests.
High quality data helps us inform metrics that improve your decision-making while cutting down on your unconscious and conscious biases.
You can easily improve your HR selection strategies using our assessment platform that easily integrates with your ATS.

Recruitment software for startups

Tech talent acquisition is especially hard for startups, where founders are figuring out literally "everything" while trying to attract top talent to their vision and team. Gyfted provides the first simple, easy to use SaaS recruitment solution tailored to the needs of founders and team leaders. The biggest value is hiring for startup mindset and startup culture fit. We know it - we do this ourselves. We also know you’re cautious about money - you can use Gyfted’s screening tool like a stand-alone ATS for recruiters.

Psychometric tools for recruitment

We blend cognitive science, personality assessments, machine learning and our magic sauce to truly help you save time and find the top applicants in your applicant pool.
Cognitive science plus personality testing An automated, complete solution. Leave tests to us
Candidates that truly fit you View key behavioral traits and skills with insight into cultural fit
Machine learning and psychometrics Online assessment tools for recruitment powered by ML

Before you start hiring, employ science first

We’re aligned with your incentives of hiring for culture fit, and finding the right person for your team, and for the right role. In our enterprise recruitment software solution we focus on blending tools built by psychologists and cognitive scientists with simplified workflows. Use our pre-employment assessments easily to save time on screening, while giving applicants a great experience and valuable feedback.

How is Gyfted better than existing candidate screening tools?

Gyfted provides comprehensive signals that beat reports you have to comb through on top of muddling through resumes and screening interviews. And we’re extremely price competitive - check out our pricing page to see the value you get.
Ease of useGyfted is as easy to use as a dating app with automated test design, workflows and one link to share with applicants and acquire them from anywhere.
Affordable screeningAn automated, complete screening solution on an affordable SaaS plan with free assessments.
Accurate measuresGyfted provides more accurate personality and ability measurements via a holistic approach to matching your and applicants’ needs and attributes around role, skill and team culture fit.

Free employment assessments

We do not charge you per assessment or per screened applicant. That way we’re better aligned with your interests of hiring the right candidate for the right role.
Use our tools to automate screening and hire easily.
One link to start screening your applicants easily.
Candidates get enjoyable assessments and valuable feedback tools.
Save time on intro screening phone calls.
Save money. Stop paying for tests or per screened candidate!
Stop worrying about costs or how many candidates to screen.

Leverage psychometrics to build teams that perform

A tool for managers to build high-performing teams that drive your company's culture growth. As culture is not only about top-down behaviors but team values, it means that who your hire and fire determines your company culture. To know it you have to 'look under the hood' and the most data-driven, empirically proven way to do it and measure culture is through the use of psychometrics. We catalyze this using machine learning in psychometrics, and by deploying online assessment tools for recruitment on top of your team culture assessments, in order to help you build and develop your team.

Frequently asked questions

Is Gyfted's candidate screening platform free?

Yes, try out our free software - there is a free trial for you to try before you buy! 🎉 Check out our pricing page
for more details.

How to identify the right candidate for a job?

Identifying the right candidate for a job begins, above all, with your job specification. You need to know the skills, traits and motivations of the person you want to hire. You should be aware of your culture and what it takes for your team to perform. You should be aware of what each job requires. This is all extremely hard to figure out, and there's almost no one in any organization that has the answer to all these needs for every role on every team. It's an interdisciplinary, complex and changing need on top of it that depends on culture, market, geography, organization size, product, customer needs, technology, business cycles and so forth. However, what research shows is key are things like cognitive ability, personality traits, integrity, motivations, culture fit, interests and preferences, as well as quality processes and methods for screening applicants, eg. so you can deal with social desirability, uncoscious bias, and cheating in recruiting, that enable you to receive objective data in order to make your talent acquisition cost less and be more effective. It's part art, and part science, and both are best dealt with using structured hiring methods, psychometric tools, machine learning and a design and pricing that incentivizes you and your recruitment software provider to play on the same team.

How to screen applicants effectively?

Effective candidate screening should be done at the top of your hiring funnel, namely at the moment of application. The problem with doing this is that almost all test providers charge you per test. At Gyfted we do not, in order to enable you to screen applicants upfront for desirable traits and culture fit, as well as abilities. Effective screening should also be done in ways that measure what matters for the job and organizational fit: personality assessments, motivational tests, cognitive ability tests, cultural assessments, team culture tests, hiring manager preference assessments, detailed job specifications, skills tests all should - in an ideal scenario - be done by every applicant. The huge second problem with this nowadays is that candidates are required to go through assessments for each single application. This prolongs the recruitment process, creates a tough candidate experience, and takes candidates on never-ending recruitment marathons (followed by numerous unstructured, biased interview marathons) that are a time sink for them and for you. This is an enormous time, financial and resource burden for all organizations. Turnover on top of this amplifies these costs, which is a big problem with business-process outsourcing and services outsourcing via BPOs and SSCs for example. Recruiting is the most inefficient, resource-wasting endeavor in organizations today and it must change. This is what we're up to at Gyfted, and screening applicants effectively takes place using our state of the art psychometrics, machine learning, workflow automation, ease of use in a single solution so you can save time while gaining insights into pre-vetted applicants all across the board.

How to hire for startup culture fit?

Tech companies and startups face very dynamic competition for talent and market dynamics. Hiring for culture fit first is a great strategy to help you develop the glue that will lower turnover and improve performance, satisfaction and motivation in your team to power through the tough days and challenges that never end. You have to know what sort of culture fits you and your team and product. To learn more about how to become a culture-first organization and why culture fit matters, check out our article on this topic "What is culture fit"

Why is hiring for culture fit important?

Team culture matters because it is the glue that binds people together outside of making money. Everyone's got differing motivations, values and preferences that determine how they behave, communicate and cooperate. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", because it is the glue that makes groups cooperate and gives them stamina. This matters especially in startups. It is the founder's and manager's role to define culture through actions, which can be contributing or detrimental to building high-performance teams. Research shows that culture is a key determinant of team performance, and building culture begins with who you hire and fire, how you manage them, and your actions which speak louder than words.

How do I use Gyfted's recruitment screening software?

Just try our free version. Start by going through our brief job wizard, and then sending your single job a href your candidates or requiring applicants to apply directly via job boarsd into our system. You can then use Gyfted's recruitment screening solution to screen for roles in sales like account executives, inside sales reps, sales development reps (SDRs), business development reps (BDRs); to screen for roles in customer success like customer success managers and account managers; to screen for roles in customer support and customer service; to screen for recruiting positions like HR business partner, junior sourcer, sourcer, talent specialist, recruitment coordinator, recruitment manager, Recruiting & Talent roles; to screen for roles in software engineering like Python and Javascript developers, junior developers and mid- software engineering jobs; to screen for jobs in data like data analyst and data scientist roles; to screen graduates, entry-level hires and juniors overall; as well as to screen and hire for culture fit and growth potential.

How are Gyfted’s assessments validated?

At it's core our assessments stem from organizational psychology research. We build our tools based on theory and check their performance using various methods. We run planned experiments on closed samples to check for social desirability in our item banks. We test - retest our users in order to evaluate stability and reliability of measured traits. Using classical test theory methods (for example: EFA and CFA) we verify the internal structure of our assessments and scales and make sure they are invariant across multiple samples and sources. Finally, once enough information is gathered we reevaluate these assessments using IRT based methods and replace their static formats to computer adaptive testing (CAT).

Are the tests getting better over time?

Our tests are normalized and we’re continuously growing our item banks, as well as testing our tests across populations and job types. Our assessments are continuously developed towards better computer adaptive testing (CAT).

How do I interpret the test scores?

We score candidates in their abilitiy, data and English tests. We do not provide raw scores for the ability and data tests -- they inform our ML algorithms and Overall Fit score in order to enable you to objectively compare and benchmark candidates all across the board (including across roles). In terms of culture fit you can sort your candidates by this criterion to enable culture-first hiring.

What skills can I test candidates for?

We provide:
- a range of cognitive ability tests eg. spatial reasoning, raven’s matrices
- soft skills testing where we look at personality and behaviors, based on the Big Five (OCEAN, BFAS) model that is first in class
- a cultural assessment inspired by Hofstede’s dimensions, plus motivational, work values and work preferences assessments - these are not hard “skill” assessments per se but they are crucial in supplementing the personality tests to ensure true “fit” - so you don’t employ individuals who will dislike working on your team
- a data analytics / data interpretation assessment
- an English test
- simple pass/fail coding assessments (to verify that the skills are present but not to rank against them)
Overall, rather then test for technical on the job skills we rely on research that quantifies certifications, degrees and work experience to seek out practical skills the candidate has acquired with their general ability, personality, motivational and preference profile to enable fast and efficient job matching that satisfies both candidate and employers.

Why should I use personality or ability testing?

Personality tests help you easily find candidates that fit your role and your own needs (culture fit) in your applicant pool, thereby helping you make data-driven selection decisions and cut down on the number of screening interviews. Personality and ability tests are the best and most objective predictors of success in life and at work. We all self-select into occupations and strive to change careers depending on our preferences and personality traits - certain jobs require certain personality traits eg. empathy is extremely important in nursing, risk-aversion and detail orientation in accounting, and so forth. Research shows there’s no better, more objective tool for evaluating work potential than cognitive ability tests. It also makes comparisons between candidates far easier.