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Frequently asked questions

What is a talent pool?

A talent pool refers to a group or pool of individuals who possess specific skills, qualifications, or attributes that make them potential candidates for current or future job openings within or across organizations. It is a proactive approach used by companies to identify and maintain a network of qualified individuals who may be suitable for various positions, and can be offered on a platform model.
The talent pool typically consists of candidates who have expressed interest, those who have previously applied for positions with companies connected to the talent pool, or individuals who have been identified as having the desired skills through various means such as networking events, referrals, or the online platform itself. These individuals may or may not be actively seeking employment at the time of their inclusion in the talent pool.

What is a talent database?

A talent database is a structured collection or repository of information about individuals who possess specific skills, qualifications, and talents. It serves as a centralized system for storing and managing data related to potential candidates for employment, contractors, freelancers, or individuals with unique abilities.
A talent database typically includes detailed profiles of individuals, which may contain personal information, educational background, work experience, certifications, skills, and other relevant details. The database can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization or industry.
Employers and recruiters often use talent databases to search for suitable candidates for job openings or project requirements. By utilizing search filters and keywords, they can efficiently identify individuals with the desired qualifications and skills. Talent databases can streamline the recruitment process, allowing organizations to quickly find and connect with talented individuals.
Talent databases can also benefit individuals looking for opportunities by making their information readily available to potential employers or clients. By creating a profile in a talent database, individuals can increase their visibility and enhance their chances of being discovered for relevant opportunities.