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Gamified Career Coach

A fun way to get a job you love

The novel personal growth and career discovery experience
For companies

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How it works

How it works

Gyfted is like a dating app for your career. With anonymous profiles, free personality and culture assessments and career tools, you find jobs that truly fit you even in passive search. Recruiters can reach out directly, making the job search seamless.

For self-development and career development

Free self-discovery tools 🔮

How it works

Feedback is a gift
Gyfted lets you take dozens of free assessments to empower yourself
Discover yourself
Learn about your character traits, strengths, motivations and values
Premium assessment reports
Some tests have very rich, data-driven insightful feedbacks you can purchase
Take assessments

Unique CV design

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self discovery

Free CV Creator
Structure your CV using a neat workflow and design that works
A new CV Standard
Build a unique CV based on certified psychometric assessment feedbacks
Get a Premium Resume
Data-driven, optimized for ATS, custom plus your own domain (coming!)
Build your CV

Remote job matching

Free Job Search tools

job search

Turn the tables on job search
Gyfted lets you search for jobs as an active and passive candidate. Job search shouldn’t be a spray and pray marathon.
A remote job board feed
We curate jobs that fit remote workers. You can apply for any roles, and recruiters can apply to you directly too.
Is my profile visible?
Your profile is anonymous to provide safety, ease unconscious biases, also so your employer can’t see your profile.
Find a Remote Job

Gamified job search 

Create your profile
Take assessments
Share what you prefer
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Candidate testimonials 🥰

Great stuff! It was a pleasure to be matched by Gyfted. I enjoyed the process and experience including liasing with Gyfted’s Talent Partner.
UX/UI Designer hired at high growth VR furniture design startup
This was a really fast, unstressful and professional recruitment process - I wholeheartedly confirm as a recruiter myself :)
Sr IT Recruiter hired at fast growing big data infrastructure startup
I loved how smooth and simple the experience of applying was. And the typo in “I don’t care about making mistkes” was brilliant and funny lol!
Coding Bootcamp grad
Thanks for helping me find a job! I enjoyed the interactive assessment process and fast scheduling of interviews.
Business Development Manager hired at AI NLP startup
The recruitment process through Gyfted was transparent and efficient. I am very satisfied!
Market Analyst at leading global financial institution