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Comparison Guide: Truity vs 16Personalities vs HumanMetrics

Sep 06, 2023
11 min read

There are many websites that have inspired us, but there are three that in particular help scores of individuals globally discover and improve themselves by leveraging assessments for self-awareness purposes. These are Truity.com, 16Personalities.com and HumanMetrics.com (there are others out there feel free to check them out like IDRLabs and 123test ).

In this short guide we set out to compare them to each other to help you – the test-taker – learn more about your options.

In a nutshell (TL;DR version):

About Truity.com

Truity offers a range of personality, career, and relationship assessments designed to help individuals understand themselves better and make informed decisions about their personal and professional lives. Some of their popular products include personality tests based on well-established psychological frameworks, career tests that can help individuals find jobs that match their skills and preferences, and relationship assessments that can help people understand their relationship dynamics better.

About 16Personalities

16 Personalities offers a personality assessment platform that is aimed at helping individuals understand their personality types better. The platform provides detailed personality analysis which can be utilized in various areas such as career planning, relationship advice, and personal development.

About HumanMetrics

HumanMetrics is an older website that offers a variety of free online tests and quizzes designed to help individuals learn more about their personality types, interpersonal relationships, and career inclinations.

Tests offered

  • Truity: Offers a wide array of assessments encompassing personality tests (like Myers-Briggs, Enneagram), career tests, and relationship tests.
  • 16Personalities: Focuses mainly on personality assessments, amalgamating the Myers-Briggs typology with the Big Five Personality traits.
  • HumanMetrics: Offers a large variety of tests.


  • Truity: freemium model, offering both free and premium, more detailed reports.
  • 16Personalities: freemium model, with free basic personality test offerings and more detailed premium profiles for a fee.
  • HumanMetrics: freemium model with free basic tests and premium detailed analyses.

Mission and Values

  • Truity: aims to assist individuals in understanding themselves and others better, fostering informed decision-making in personal and professional life.
  • 16Personalities: focuses on helping individuals discover and understand their personality types, aiding in better navigation through life, relationships, and work.
  • HumanMetrics: aims to foster better understanding and self-awareness among individuals and organizations using scientifically-backed assessments.

Resources offered

  • Truity: blogs and articles as additional resources, along with tools for professionals like consultants and counselors.
  • 16Personalities: substantial presence in the business sector, offering services for team building and personality training.
  • HumanMetrics: has a collection of articles and resources on personality typology.

Comparing Truity, 16Personalities and Human Metrics

Truity16 PersonalitiesHuman Metrics
Tests offered1. Personality Tests
– Enneagram (9 personality types)
– TypeFinder – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (16 personalities)
– Big Five (Scientific trait assessment)

2. Career Tests that help individuals identify their strengths and preferences to find a career that suits them.
– Career Test (To find the right career for you)
– DISC (Assessing work styles)

3. Relationship Tests that help understand the dynamics of personal relationships better.
– Love Styles (Understanding how you show love)

The primary test offered by 16 Personalities is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which categorizes individuals into one of the 16 personality types. This test is further augmented with insights from the Five Factor model traits, which adds a layer of depth to the personality analysis.

HumanMetrics offers a range of quizzzes including:
Role Model Quiz
Morals Quiz
Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz
Assertiveness Quiz
Happiness Quiz
Jung Marriage Test
Career Development Quiz
Entrepreneur Quiz
Risk Attitudes Profiler
Business modelTruity operates on a freemium business model. It offers free versions of many of its assessments to users, providing basic insights and information. For users looking for more detailed results or insights, they can purchase premium reports which offer a deeper analysis.16 Personalities operates on a freemium business model. Users can take the basic personality test for free, which provides a detailed report on their personality type. For users who are looking for more in-depth insights, the company offers a premium profile.HumanMetrics operates on a freemium model, offering free access to basic versions of their tests and assessments. They offer more detailed reports or analyses as premium services, for which they charge a fee.
MissionTruity aims to help people understand themselves and others better through scientifically-backed assessments. They strive to create products that can help users make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.The mission of 16 Personalities is to help individuals discover and understand their own personality types. Through this understanding, they aim to help people navigate the complexities of life, relationships, and work more effectively. They value being user-friendly.The mission of HumanMetrics is to help individuals and organizations to better understand different personality types and human relations through the use of scientifically-backed assessments and tools. Their goal is to foster better self-awareness and understanding among people.
ResourcesTruity publishes articles that dive deep into the concepts of personality psychology, offering users additional resources to understand the intricacies of different personality types, career advice, and relationship tips. They also offer resources for professionals, including consultants and counselors, to use their assessments.16 Personalities serves individuals looking for self-insight and offers a platform for businesses. The business services include team building workshops and personality training. The platform’s popularity has grown significantly due to its easy-to-understand personality descriptions and visually appealing reports.HumanMetrics has been offering personality assessments and tools for many years and their website hosts a range of articles and resources on personality typology, relationships, and skills.
Comparison of 16Personalities vs Truity vs HumanMetrics

If you enjoyed this comparison please check out their websites, as well as Gyfted’s assessments centered around personal growth, career development, cognitive ability testing, and career choice.